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3rd December 2012

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Preference #38- He’s your brother’s best friend. (2/5)

Zayn: You heard a knock at the door and strolled into the foyer. You sighed and opened the door slowly. You were up, showered, dressed, and had been up already for two hours, but you were still a little groggy. That’s just Saturdays, you guess. You gasped embarrassingly when you saw your brother’s best friend of about five years, Zayn rocking back and forth on his heels while he stood on the porch. He waved and smiled. “Hi Y/N, is Y/B/N here?” He asked and you shook your head. Your brother had a tennis match this morning. “He had a match.” You replied. “I probably should’ve checked about that.” Zayn laughed. You smiled slightly. “Just maybe.” You smirked and winked. You glanced over at the clock next to the door. “He should be home in about an hour if you just want to hang around.” You said and blushed. You turned away to try to hide your face, you had had a crush on Zayn for years. “Sure.” Zayn shrugged and smiled before following you inside. “So what have you been doing?” He asked. “Cleaning the house and Internet, I guess.” You giggled. “I’m quite boring.” You added. Zayn shook his head and chuckled quietly. “You’re one of the most amazing people I’ve ever met. You are nowhere near boring.” Zayn beamed. Your breath caught in your throat. Did Zayn Malik just say he thought you were amazing? “Really?” You asked quietly. “Honestly.” Zayn answered, his eyes twinkling slightly. You bit your lip to hide your smile. “I really like you.” You said quickly before you knew what you were saying. You were ready to turn around and run away when Zayn said sweetly: “I really like you too.” You stared at him with wide eyes as he leaned down so you could be face to face. You could barely breathe. He leaned in slowly and closed the space between your lips. He kissed you gingerly and you couldn’t help but smile into it.


I hope you all enjoyed it! Feedback is greatly appreciated! -Danny (: xx

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